Non-State Donations

Make a Contribution, Donate your Time, Become a Volunteer, Donate In-Kind, Participate in a Goodwill Mission or Collaborate Your Social Responsibility

Transparently Donate to Multiple Projects

Our verified PayPal account accepts credit cards, debit cards and other forms of payment (even if you do not have a PayPal account) for a number of projects that are either ongoing or under development through Globcal International's goodwill ambassadors, diplomatic corps or its non-state members in different parts of the world.

All contributions and donations to international sustainable development and world issues awareness projects listed here are tax-deductible through Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation located in Kentucky, when making your donation you may select from the following initiatives and projects sponsored by Ecology Crossroads. All donations made through Ecology Crossroads are adminstrated without cost to the donor, program recipient or beneficiary event, foundation, fund or program.

All contributions are promptly acknowledged by email within seven to ten days by the program administrator or a member of the executive council to assure the donor that the program they are donating to has received its contribution..

Some of our projects qualify for tax-deductible status under cap and trade or carbon tax legislation in some countries and states that allow for high-quality international climate change reduction investments and the voluntary participation or sponsorship of verifiable carbon offsets directly with the resource providers. Generally these funds are not considered donations if made for investment or offsetting your carbon footprint.

Donate to Globcal QR-Code

Those who donate $50 or more that live in the United States may deduct their contribution or donation without a special IRS form, perhaps the online receipt generated is adequate or when they make many small contributions to various organizations each year. However if your contribution is equal or greater than 2% of your annual income you can request a special IRS form from our Treasurer so you can claim your donation to our organization to the IRS, generally this amount is around $1,200 USD or more per year or $100 per month through a donation subscription using Patreon or through PayPal.

Membership and registration fees for programs are not tax-deductible as a donations, but may be deducted in other categories of the IRS code.

Crowdfunding Projects

Globcal International is involved in promoting organized team crowdfunding developments for its causes. As we quickly learned all programs being developed require pre-funding, careful planning, article development, news releases and a small public relations budget that must be provided by the individual ambassador in charge of his/her "commission" in order to be successful. Ambassadors are welcome to create new projects that are practical and fit within the general guidelines for our developments, it takes approximately 2-3 qualified project engineers 60-90 days of funded preparation time from the drawing board.

Currently we are promoting the De'Aruhua Trust Fund as our most advanced project on GoFundMe it is one that we have registered with the United Nations Sustainable Development Platform as an official international cooperation initiative. It will be promoted beginning November 15, 2019 through January 15th, 2020 to begin operation by the end of 2020.

Become a Globcal International Member

The absolute best way to donate to an organization is to become a member, cooperative employee or an active part of the team helping as a non-state actor (advocate, commissioner or goodwill ambassador) in one of our projects or create your own project with our team members; all of our collective efforts are based in ecological sustainability, human rights, indigenous peoples or social justice; none of our programs involve politics beyond the fact that we are a democratically constituted non state assembly managed by its founders, members and sponsors.

Ambassadors are responsible for managing social media pages, writing articles, developing campaigns, managing foundations and promoting causes that are governed and selected by the organization.

While we are in our organizational and initiative development phases with many projects we always offer qualified members of the public and university students the opportunity to participate pro-actively in our organization and operation through membership. All members must submit to a vetting process based on information they provide that can be verified online or is a matter-of-fact, to do this they must register as a non-state global citizen, Kentucky colonel or goodwill ambassador representing the United Nations, non-governmental organizations or a UN registered international civil society organization.

Globcal International (International Civil Service Officer)
Globcal International (UN SDG Partnerships)

Join now just once as part of the "charter member class" during the 2019 calendar year and receive lifetime cooperative membership privileges as a 1/1000th owner, an employee, and organizing officer of our collective partnership programs with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There are a great number of services we provide for our members including public relations, we provide a website, an online live workplace and professional social media development. You can read more about membership online.

Donate Time as a Volunteer, Send Money, or Donate Usable Goods

There are many different ways to support our organization. Our charitable contributions program is under redevelopment through the middle of 2020. We cannot accept personal items except under the conditions of a program, but can accept in-kind contributions of particularly listed items, working automobiles, tools, equipment and other items specified previously in writing through the programs and projects listed above. These types of donations are also tax-deductible in the United States.

Meanwhile if you would like to make a contribution please use the PayPal button above, if you do not have a PayPal account that is okay, PayPal serves only as our payment processor it accepts all major credit cards, a PayPal account is not required. Thank you!

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