Non-State Network

Representative non-state international ICT (Information Communications Technology) program infrastructure component wholly owned and operated by Globcal International, the Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, the Piaroa tribe, international citizens and members of associated foundations and organizations who are known as benign non-state actors.

The data collected, monitored and submitted to our network infrastructure is representative to our geographical area of three intersecting 1000 square kilometer (mostly) virgin forest tracts to the East, North and South of our ecovillage foundation (earthship) called Ekōbius International, part of the jurisdiction of the nation-state and local governmental authorities belonging to Venezuela.

Open-Source Internet Services

White Hat and Grey Hat Non-State Actors

Content Security Policy

In 2018 the Globcal International System and Network Administrators began to introduce secure encrypted HTTPS and a (CSP) Content Security Policy to facilitate our active reconversion and reformation to eventually provide highly-secure personalized laissez-faire cooperative simple world banking based in Belize for our own members and the patrons of our ad hoc global citizenship program.

On March 27th, 2020 our website was recognized for its structural context and content security policy with all green lights and highlights. We achieved an A+ when reviewed by Sophos Security Headers, later to add technology we downgraded to an A in order to run new test policies.

Non-State Network Server

The NonState.Net Server is not connected directly to the Internet; this is because of a latent technological priority based in national politics where the server is co-located. As of November 2020 this barrier will be removed as global corporate technological service providers become available via satellite, stratospherically and via 5G cellular services emitted from Colombia.

The server is responsible for collecting forest monitoring data for the blockchain and information about the state and condition of the sovereign Piaroa territories and their constitutionally recognized anarchy as a people and destination. The government and the nation-state are excluded from any jurisdiction or interest in the affairs conducted within this server based on both international and national law.

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